At the start of 2020, Indica Jones’n woke up from a dream with a vision to create a treasure hunt based in his hometown, Los Angeles. He spent months perfecting the vision – his clues, the map and burying the legendary Crystal Skull. Little did he know, his hard work and efforts would be thwarted by the global pandemic… As we all watched the world shut down, Indica Jones’n sadly knew the hunt would have to be on hold until public buildings reopened.

And here we are. The world is coming back to life and buildings are reopening.

Alas, the time has come. The time is NOW.

Are you ready to join The 3C Secret?

Los Angeles, CA

Your chance to win $10k in 3C products

Purchase your official The 3C Secret box of clues at Coast to Coast in Canoga Park, CA


How do I participate?!

Purchase an official The 3C Secret box from Coast to Coast in Canoga Park, CA.
Each box is $50 and comes with the clues you need to find the Crystal Skull, a treasure map, and a limited edition 3C Secret Treasure Hunt t-shirt.
We’ll also need you to sign a release form.

Can I order a box online?

Yes… but you have to pick it up in person at Coast to Coast, because we need you to sign a release form to participate.

The prize is $10k?!?

Giving you federal green would be cool, but we think our greens are cooler.

The official prize winner receives $10k in 3C products.

The $10k in 3C products must be redeemed within two (2) years upon winning.