Our strain library consists of approximately thirty-three unique, in-house strains from the classic OG and Jack Kraken to our own crosses like Sasquatch Sap, Cocoa Dulce, and Majestic33. Featuring a wide array of genetics and cannabis varietals, we guarantee our library has something for everyone. As we continue to push forward, the exploration of new strains and distinctive 3C crosses will forever remain a constant focus for our team.

Conspiracy Strains

Cannabis has always allowed us to enhance our lives in the physical world, metaphysical and interdimensional realms. It allows us to analyze, investigate, and question our realities, other possibilities, and go into the depths of our minds that are oftentimes lacking engagement in our everyday lives. For our team, a popular subject that our strains led us to discuss are the conspiracies surrounding what is presented as our reality. And these are the conversations that led us to establish our library of unique, in-house line of conspiracy inspired strains.


con·spir·a·cy the·o·ry
/kənˈspirəsē ˈTHiərē,ˈTHirē/
a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.


Our conspiracy strains are cultivated with intent to inspire controversial conversations and push the boundaries of social norms. They are the strains that have allowed us to do just that in our personal lives. Some of our favorite subjects to ponder and discuss over a smoke session with friends… Is the Illuminati real? Do the Crystal Skulls host a myriad of healing powers? Are the Freemasons still active?

To learn more about the stories behind these strains, click the conspiracy button on each strain’s feature page.


We narrowed down our expansive portfolio to our Top Ten strains. Tried and true; your favorite go-tos. You can find these beloved strains at retailers all throughout California.