Our Mission

To provide a superior cannabis experience that elevates the mind, body and soul.

Our Vision

Using decades of experience and knowledge, along with careful selection of genetics and in house breeding, we are committed to creating new strains and ways to engage with the cannabis plant through a portfolio of cannabinoid infused products.

Our Story

The 3C Team collectively boasts decades of cannabis experience from growing in basements of houses in Woodland Hills, cultivating an original cut of OG in the late 90’s, and owning one of LA’s longest standing dispensaries which is now Coast to Coast, Canoga Park. Our personal passions for the plant motivated each of us to establish professional careers in cannabis. And from that 3C Farms and Coast to Coast Cannabis came to be.

The details of our history are shared below in a detailed timeline.

We proudly feature approximately thirty three strains of cannabis in our library and have multiple grow rooms constantly rotating through the genetics. Our strains and products can be found at our Coast to Coast dispensaries in Canoga Park and Downtown LA, as well as multiple other licensed cannabis retail locations throughout the state.

Our speciality is small batch, indoor cultivation in grow rooms that are moderately sized allowing us to tailor nutrient, lighting, and environmental conditions to suit each strains specific needs. The result provides us with flowers that are dense in structure, rich in terpene profiles and boast potent cannabinoid percentages – the triple threat and ultimate entourage effect.