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Cannabis cultivated with compassion, respect to the culture, and for the community. We proudly honor and abide by the highest standards of quality throughout our cultivation, production, and extraction processes. Our efforts result in unparalleled cannabis products that are potent in cannabinoids and flavor while boasting an appearance rich in color and trichomes. Using genetics such as an original cut of OG, 3C Farms has bred a unique, in-house strain portfolio you won’t find anywhere else.

Guaranteed to enhance all your life experiences, 3C Farms encourages you to #getoutthere and explore the depths of life from the physical, otherworldly, and interdimensional.

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Our library of strains features a little bit of everything – from the sativas to indicas, gassy to fruity smells and flavors, and potent THC to high CBD profiles. We encourage you to use our 3C Farms Strain Map while exploring the library so that you can learn more about the strain’s flavor and cannabinoid profile along with its genetic history.

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Wholesale Cannabis Distribution

3C Farms Cannabis Flower and products can be found in our Coast to Coast shops in Canoga Park and Downtown LA Arts District, along with select retailers throughout California. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale-retail partner of 3C, please contact us here.


If you are interested in finding a 3C Farms licensed retailer near you, please search here.